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Meet Bert & Debbie

BERT'S REPAIR & towing

Hello Everyone! My name is Bert Bloemendal and my wife is Debbie. I would like to extend my gratitude to you for taking the time to view our site. I hope that your stay is informative and pleasurable. Thank you to our new and old customers. We appreciate your business and are continuing to find fun ways to thank you for your loyalty to us!


Our business is truly a family business. My wife Debbie, my son Devon and my daughter Amiee are all an integral part of our endeavor to bring you a unique combination of quality and efficent service. Devon & Amiee have slowly started taking over the automotive repair operations so I could enjoy some time out on the road driving. Devon is a certified mechanic and service manager, providing all the excellent quality work to our customers. Amiee is our office manager. She does all the financials and much more. Debbie kept our business going for many years doing all the accounting and finances and has since passed this responsibility on. She continues to be a vital part of our business sticking to the less stressful jobs! We owe our success to God, family and staff!


I have always tried to live every day and moment of my life as it comes. I firmly believe God helps us to live today and will help us live tomorrow. We thank him everyday for his blessings and pray for constant direction in our lives and business. We do not know what the future holds but we know who holds the future.

Bert's Repair & Towing has been established in Mt Brydges, Ontario, Canada since 1982 as a family owned and operated business. We started as an Automotive Repair Shop with a full service gas and diesel bar. We soon noticed that there was another need for our customers. They were inquiring about us towing their vehicles. To fulfill these needs, we purchased our first Tow Truck, thus starting our towing service.

Our first truck was a 1973 Dodge One Ton with a 440 Holmes Wrecker. From this humble start, our business has prospered and flourished. We now use a fleet of 5 trucks plus multiple Trailers ranging from wrecker tow truck to Transports that travels all over Canada and the United States. We provide emergency roadside service to PDG Canadian Tire Auto League, DAA and Road Canada however anyone can call us for service and we’d be happy to assist them.


We have licensed mechanics and tow truck operators providing honest and quality work to our customers. We repair all makes and models of automobiles. We are a Motor Vehicle Inspection Station licensed to certify vehicles. We are also a Dominion Automobile Association (DAA) approved repair facility.

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